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In order to ensure customers satisfaction, one must start first by addressing the needs of one’s employees.

That is our deep conviction at TOPMAN Industries. Our employee satisfaction strategy obviously includes a very competitive salary to enable the employees to fulfill their needs and wants. But above all, we believe that only by nurturing our employees unwavering work ethic can we give them the kind of satisfaction needed to live an enriched professional life.

Our employees are aware of the company numbers.

By informing all our employees about the company’s “numbers” on a daily basis, and sharing our thoughts with each other, we are aiming to give each employee a good grasp about the company’s managerial objectives. Our employees are informed each month about the company’s internal accounting, so that they are aware at all times of the current state of the expenses they incurred, and can confirm each team’s profits and losses.

This strategy is not meant to cause unnecessary stress or employee competition, but on the contrary as a proof of our openness towards our employees so that they are aware at all times of the company’s financial status. Consequently, this also increases our own awareness of each of our valued customers. Thanks to this special way of thinking, everyone from the President to the field employees keeps some kind of accounting notion in mind while performing his job.


Once a month, we hold a “management philosophy” class with all employees where we discuss about particular subjects and various challenges met in the workplace. Through a frank discussion among employees and the resulting reports, all teams are encouraged to help each other out and keep all employees informed about their objectives and actions.

Each semester, a kick-off meeting is held in order to share the management plan with all employees, including the company’s current status and future objectives and policies.

Apart from daily reports, all employees receive an email on a daily basis from the company’s CEO where he shares various thoughts and objectives for the day.

About Organization, Tidiness, and cleanliness

Compliance with standards of “Organization, Tidiness, and cleanliness”  (OTC) is implemented through a voluntary employees committee for OTC. At TOPMAN Industries, such notions as reducing the waste of resources, avoiding mistakes, creating the appropriate working environment etc. are not implemented through a top-down managerial system, but by the field employees themselves following their own thoughts on how to improve the workplace.

For this reason, each employee at TOPMAN Industries works according to a yearly schedule prepared by the OTC Committee, and the progress made is announced regularly in order to increase awareness among employees.

Besides, by having a yearly company retreat and participating to external workshops, we always strive to increase efficiency and comfort within the workplace, while improving our employees conscious effort and awareness of each other.


Satisfying the customer is easier said than done. At TOPMAN Industries, because we do not want the notion of customer satisfaction to end in a mere slogan, we are very demanding towards ourselves first.

Each of our employees is genuinely satisfied with his own work and contribution. We believe that it is only by fulfilling this very simple need, that we can truly satisfy our customers, and play a useful role in society.